Welcome to Sydney Strata.

Sydney Strata is a niche strata management company founded by Stephen Webb, our Managing Director and Licensee-In-Charge. Sydney Strata has been in operation for over 20 years and is based in Carlingford.

After working for several years in one of Australia’s largest strata management organisations, Stephen saw an opportunity to develop an exclusive, customer focused agency, in an industry that often lacks professional standards.
The foundation of Sydney Strata was derived from industry research and most importantly, what clients wants and needs were. As a result of this research, a 10-point customer service charter was developed and is used to measure the team’s performance on an annual basis. We continually seek ways to improve our service delivery and invite feedback from our clients.
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When you call us you will talk to a human being each and every time and will not be subjected to the all too often Dial 1 for this and Dial 2 for that routine.

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Step 02

Multi Lingual Staff

We are fortunate to have staff that are fluent in several languages other than English to cater for our multi-cultural client base allowing for easier communication with you.

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Step 03

Straight Talking

We understand that Strata apartment owners are time poor and have to deal with issues while you are at your workplace. You don't want a Strata Manager that takes an eternity to deal with the simplest of matters. Our staff our trained to be open and courteously direct and to the point.

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Step 04

Simple Plain English Strata Management Contract

We adopt a Strata Agency Agreement written in plain english that you will have a better chance to understand rather the 20-30 page Agreements other Strata Managers require you to sign.

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Step 05

Fees Based On Scope Of Services

We base our fees on the level of services you would like us to perform. We understand all Strata Plans have different requirements. Our proposal includes a detailed scope of services document to allow you to be clear on what the service expectations are for the fees payable.

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Step 06

Financial Statements - On Demand

We are able to provide fully detailed financial statements, on demand, along with scanned copies of all invoices. We are able to do this because we reconcile our bank statements everyday and we utilise a document management system where we scan all our invoices prior to paying them.