Engagement Process

New Business

When we are asked to produce a quote by prospective customers we request that we visit the property and meet you and other members of the Executive Committee.

If you are not self managed and currently have a Strata Manager you will need to review whether you are locked into an existing contract. If the initial contract period has expired a termination notice period of 90 days is normally required after you hold an Extraordinary General Meeting to appoint a new Strata Manager.

Formal Proposal

Once we have visited the property and met you we will prepare a formal proposal outlining in detail the scope of our services and our fee schedule.

ExtraOrdinary General Meeting

If you do decide to select Sydney Strata the decision will need to be formalised at either the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting. A minimum of 25% of owners need to be in attendance. A vote is taken at this meeting and as long as a majority of those present (or by proxy) vote in favour of the appointment of a new Strata Manager, the decision is formalised at this point.


At The End of 90 Days

We organise to pick up all your records from your existing Strata Manager including a cheque for the remaining funds in your Trust Account. This includes the common seal.

Strata Agency Agreement

Once we have picked up the books and records and have access to the common seal, we will request that the Secretary and another member of the Executive Committee sign the Strata Agency Agreement that was provided to all owners at the Extraordinary General Meeting.

Welcome Letters

Once the Strata Agency Agreement is signed we are legally allowed to act on your behalf and send out Welcome Letters to all owners introducing ourselves with all our relevant contact details.

Project Information


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Philadelphia, United States


February 14, 2021